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Our Story


Darrell and Sarah were introduced by a mutual friend, Rachel Noble. Rachel thought the two would hit it off and actually tried to set them up in February 2018 when Darrell and Sarah had both offered to volunteer for an event in Jabez, Kentucky, conducting mock-interviews for Kentucky 4-H State Teen Council members. Rachel paired Darrell and Sarah together with one of the state officers at the time. Come to find out, the two had actually attended the same *small* event at the Kentucky State Fair the previous three years and somehow never met. After interviewing that February day, Rachel tried to make connections between the two but neither caught on.

In April 2018, matchmaker Rachel tried again. Darrell (a coworker of Rachel's) was at a conference for work when Rachel announced she had the perfect gal in mind for him. At this point, Rachel texted Sarah to confirm she was single and to see if she remembered Darrell / would she be okay with Rachel giving him her phone number.

On Sunday of that weekend, Darrell texted Sarah to plan a date. Both leading busy lives, the two only had one option available in the coming week: Monday. Literally the following day. So they met at Drake's in Lexington for dinner. It happened to be trivia night at Drake's and while they didn't officially play, they ended up sticking around for the full game, playing along on their own and talking. Their first shared interest, they quickly discovered, was that they both loved Coca-Cola. (This would later play a key part in their engagement story.) Magically, they both happened to find time to meet up again later in the week, this time going to Crank and Boom for ice cream in Lexington's Distillery District. Before the end of the month, Darrell had asked Sarah to be his girlfriend, late one night as he was dropping her off at her car after a date.

Read how Darrell popped the question and check out photos from the proposal on Sarah's blog, The Amateur Apron, here: https://www.theamateurapron.com/home/our-engagement.

Due to the pandemic our world is facing, we have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel our April 17, 2020 wedding. As an alternative, we've opted for a small family ceremony on Friday, March 20, 2020. If you'd like to join the private Facebook group to watch live, please contact Darrell or Sarah.
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